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Frequently Asked Questions 

If you do not find an answer to you questions below please contact us at the office.  or 973-398-3978


How often should I have my chimney cleaned?

Sweeping would be as necessary however the NFPA 211 recommends annual inspection.

Heating or Hot Water Heater (oil or gas) chimneys should be clened and or internally inspected once a year.



What is the basic anatomy of my fireplace?


A fireplace consists of  firebox  (where you have your fire), the

throat (where the damper assembly typically is) the smoke chamber

(the area between the firebox and where the flue starts) & the flue liner

(this may be stainless. terra cotta or other materials capable of with

standing the by products of combustion).




Do you have to have your heating chimney cleaned?
YES -most heating companies only service the heating unit and the connecor pipes and sometimes the base of the chimney.  They do not address the flue.  A sweep and inspection is typically a seperate service from a chimney company.



What kind of wood should I burn ??

Dry, seasoned wood    --Wood that has been down, cut, spilt and properly stacked for about a year


Keep your wood covered to avoid moisture !







My fireplace is smoking that normal ?



Why do I have rust running down the side of my chimney.

Rust is normally seen when the top components of the chimney (cap or chase cover) are made with aluminum and not stainless steel materials.


Can I change my one sided fireplace to a double sided fireplace? 


Can I put an insert into my prefabricated fireplace  ?


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