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Exterior Repairs

We are a full service chimney company - we provide masonry repair and rebuilding, flashing, crown washes, chimney caps, stone veneers, water proofing - we solve all chimney related chimney issues.  We can bring curb appeal to your chimney or home with stone and brick veneers as well.

When required exterior repair is obvious visually- we must perform a Level II chimney inspection.  Exterior damage may have been caused by internal or external event that may have also caused damage to the operating components of the chimney system.  This is why we cannot simply perform an estimate without examination.  Without this inspection, we are flying  blind on  safety issues and potentially proper repair methods. 


It is important to address chimneys and a system and not individual parts for safety and longevity of the system.  We at Ryan and Son only perform repairs that we consider to be permanent solutions, so that we can better serve our clients and their chimney needs.  

Access to all locations.​


We own a full compliment of scaffolds and stagings to meet your needs.  In the event your chimney system is not scaffold possible, we employ a boom lift.  We can access any chimney!

146066012082066 (1).png

Ground Scaffold

Roof Scaffold 

Boom Truck Access

Complete Exterior Restoration

This chimey was removed to below the roof line, rebuilt to code height, new copper flashing, concrete crown wash and stainless steel multi flue cap to cover both flues in the system .  Each of the flues was relined with stainess steel lining system as part of this process.  

Raising Chimney to Code Height  



                                   before and after  

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